Inspired Seafood and Grill

New York seafood Boil and Grill refined.

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Seafood lovers have found their new destination in the Upper West Side. The Boilery serves up a variety of seafood in addition to great grilled items for the land lovers. Grab your crew, roll up your sleeves and dive in (pun intended). More Locations in NYC coming soon!


Every dining experience achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of seafood boil and grill.


“The most exciting event in seafood in years hit Manhattan when The Boilery Seafood and Grill opened Monday, April 29, 2019. Time to Keep Calm and Crab On." - Whom You Know


Bar + Kitchen

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After opening a few restaurants with friend, mentor and critically acclaimed mixologist Jason Walsh, Managing Partner, Alexander Lee began to look for ways to elevate the bar experience. Alex is inspired by mixology and the importance of drinks to the dining experience. Mixology is a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing drinks. Whether you come for the amazing cocktails or a perfectly paired wine or beer for your dish, you are sure to enjoy our bar experience.


Primarily rooted in the Southern Gulf Coast , the Carolinas, and the New England coast, seafood boils started as a communal eating experience and grew into a beloved tradition. We have redefined the classic seafood boil with a modern dining experience and a traditional taste!


Managing Partner, Alexander Lee studied at the French Culinary Institute. After traveling through Thailand, he was fascinated by the abundance of fresh grilled seafood. He enjoyed the fresh and simple style that allowed the ingredients to shine without compromising taste and quality.